Clicks and Tricks

Clicks & Tricks is a fun class where learning takes place using a totally positive reinforcement training method.
Handlers will enjoy catching their dogs doing something RIGHT and the dogs love NEVER being wrong!
Instruction will center around handler’s learning how train by shaping and rewarding desired behaviors from their dogs. The process will take place through teaching the dogs fun tricks and behaviors. The method taught in this class can be used to train a dog any desired behavior.
Prerequisites: All NDTC classes require proof of current rabies vaccination for dogs age six months or older.
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Introduction to Carting

This is five week summer class to introduce dogs two years old and up to carting.
Have you ever seen a dog pulling a cart or wagon or sled and wondered if your dog could do it?
Maybe you are wondering why you would want to get your dog involved in carting. First – it’s great exercise for them! And how nice would it be to have your dog help you with the yardwork by pulling a wagon of mulch to places where you need it. And there is always the local parade that is made more special by having a dog pulling a decorated cart, or giving the neighbor kids rides. But as much as anything, it’s another thing you can do with your dog just to have fun.
Come join us for this short summer session to learn how to get started.
During the course of the session, we will:

  1. help you adjust your harness to fit your dog
  2. teach your dog some basic maneuvers that will be needed while carting
  3. get your dog used to having something drag behind him/her
  4. get your dog used to the feeling of cart shafts beside them
  5. introduce your dog to the cart
  6. and if all goes well, and your dog is accepting all of the earlier steps, hook them up to a cart or sled and have them pulling!

Clooney, Bernese Mountain Dog
*** NOTE: There is no class restriction on dog size. However, the carts available for use during the class will be for average to large size dogs.

Prerequisites: There are a few prerequisites geared toward safety. The dog must be at least 2 years old. Your dog must have a CD or RN or be training at that level and be able to demonstrate basic control. You must provide your own properly fitting harness. (If you do not already have one, the instructor can help you order one.)
All NDTC classes require proof of current rabies vaccination for dogs age six months or older.