Obedience Workshops

How to get a perfect 100 in Rally
Is that perfect 100 eluding you?  Come to the workshop and you’ll learn ring handling skills, how to walk the course effectively and how to best keep your dog happy and motivated. Learn how to clearly communicate to your dog, and become a perfect 100 team!

Proofing Workshop
Proofing can make the difference between a Q and NQ.  Proofing done well will create a happy, confident dog in the ring.  Learn how to layer your proofing so that your dog learns how to cope with trial distractions without demotivating your dog.  We’ll work on proofing for real trials that create scenarios to help your dog cope with trial distractions.

Competition Obedience Summer Workshop
This workshop is open to teams who are preparing for or currently showing in the Novice, Open, and/or Utility obedience classes.  To get the most out of this workshop, it is recommended that the dog have a reliable retrieve.

Dogs and their handlers will work in small groups appropriate to the level(s) they are working in currently.  For example, one group will work together on Novice exercises while another group works on Open exercises, while yet another group works on Utility exercises.  It is expected that Novice level teams will also work on some of the Open exercises and that Open level teams will work together on some of the Utility exercises.

The three teachers will “float” around and among the three groups, observing, answering questions, and giving advice, as well as calling a heeling pattern for each team.

The dogs and handlers will learn to work under the pressure of “gentle” distractions, as the groups will not be spread out in individual rings, but will share space.  Do not expect a 40 X 50 space for go outs, for example.  Expect a couple of ring gates with three stanchions and jumps to be the go out picture, with the go out dog working close to another dog/handler team doing a drop on recall or retrieve on the flat, or a team doing a Novice recall next to a team doing a retrieve over the high jump or broad jump.