Membership Policies

Please feel free to contact the membership chair with any membership questions and concerns.
Send email to or leave a message on the club voicemail system at 615-331-1101.

New Member Requirements

Applicants for membership must take these steps:

  • Ask a club member to sponsor you for application. Your sponsor will typically be the instructor from your class or a classmate.
  • Attend two member meetings, the first one with your sponsor. Meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month unless otherwise decided by the board of directors.
  • Complete one 6-week class at NDTC within the 3 years before applying.
  • Complete 10 hours of volunteer work for the club.
  • Exceptions:
    • The board of directors reserves the right to waive any of these requirements in lieu of a letter of recommendation from another dog club regarding membership and good standing, OR having trained performance dogs and/or having placed a CD on a dog and having a sponsor who is already an NDTC member. Ten volunteer hours must still be completed before club membership will be granted.

Additional New Member Prerequisites:

  • Be in good standing with the American Kennel Club.
  • Subscribe to the purposes of the Nashville Dog Training Club (NDTC).
  • Agree to abide by the NDTC constitution and the rules of the American Kennel Club.
  • Have not within the past 12 months been denied membership in or been expelled from NDTC.

How To Apply

To apply for club membership, either fill out an application on line at the NDTC website, or obtain a membership application at the building. Click on the Membership Form-2019 New Member link to take you to our NDTC Member Application form to print. Then close that page to return to this screen. Sign and date the form and have your sponsor sign. Bring the form to your first meeting and give it to the membership chair. The board of directors will vote on your application at the next board meeting after your first club meeting. At any following membership meeting after you have fulfilled all requirements, members will vote on your application. Payment of dues will be due after you have been accepted as a new member.

Annual Renewal of Membership

To renew your club membership, you must have attended two membership meetings and volunteered at least 10 hours in the past year. The board reserves the right to waive either of these requirements for good cause.

  • Tracking Volunteer Hours. You may record your hours in the Volunteer Log located in the office (recommended), or keep track of your hours on your own. You need to be able to account for at least 10 hours on the membership renewal form.
  • Renewal Process.
    • The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.
    • During the month of November, the membership chair will mail a renewal reminder to each member for the upcoming year.
    • Annual dues for current members are payable on or before January 1 each year with a grace period continuing until March 1.
    • After March 1, members not paying dues become lapsed.

Member Discounts

  • Club members who volunteer at least 10 hours per year may take classes for half price and rent ring time for half price.
  • Members who assist or teach for one 6-week class session receive a free 6-week class or 6 hours of free ring rental time.
  • Members who commit to teach two classes or assist 3 classes in a calendar year may attend unlimited classes in that year for free and may also reserve ring rental time for free throughout that year.
  • Members who serve on the board of directors receive two years of benefit for each year of service, starting at the beginning of the first year of service. For instance: a board member serving one year would receive two years of benefit, their board year and one additional year.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer organization, the club is always in need of people to teach or assist with classes, serve as ring stewards at matches and obedience trials, agility trials or tracking tests, perform any number of duties for events, distribute marketing brochures, help with general building maintenance and trash removal, field questions, write for and edit our newsletter, and represent the club at public events, to name just a few of the many functions that must be performed in order to fulfill our goals. Many of these functions do not require specific dog-training knowledge or experience. There is a suitable job for any person wishing to support the club.

Payment Honor System

We rely on our members to use the honor system when registering for regular classes at a discount, attending drop-in classes, or renting ring time. When paying for rented ring time, put your payment into an envelope, located at the front desk. Write your name, date and what the payment is for on the envelope, and drop it into the slot at the side of the desk. When attending a drop-in class with no regular instructor, do the same. Consistent failure to pay will result in loss of ring rental privileges or other action as determined by the board. Non-members are entitled to take drop in classes and should follow the same payment guidelines.

Ring Reservations

Any NDTC club member may reserve a ring or rings for a reasonable amount of time. Fees are $10.00 per session, except as the following discounts apply: NDTC members who volunteer at least 10 hours during the calendar year may rent a ring for $5.00 per session, and instructors, assistants, and other members who are granted free class time may apply that free class time to ring rental instead.

Classes, seminars, fun matches and other club events will take precedence over individuals in reserving rings.

Rings are available for reservation up to 30 minutes before classes start in that ring, and immediately after classes are finished.

During the 30 minutes before class, the ring is open for use by any instructor or assistant that is teaching that same night. Instructors/assistants may use this time to train their own dogs, or set up for their class. If no instructor/assistant is using the ring, then members may use the ring, until/unless an instructor/assistant needs the ring.

Non-Member Guests:

Non-member guest may accompany a club member no more than twice a month. The member must pay the current ring rental fee of $10.00 for the guest. In every case, club members have priority over non members should a rental conflict occur.

Private Lessons:

NDTC members may give private lessons to members and non-members. Members using the NDTC building to give private lessons must pay $10.00 per hour per ring, even if they are otherwise eligible for discounted or free ring time. The same non-member guest or the non-member’s dog may accompany a club member no more than twice a month.

Full Building Rental:

Members and non-members wishing to reserve the entire building (not just 3 rings, but office, upstairs, etc. in addition to 3 rings) must request board approval before reserving. Outside groups wishing to use the building must have an NDTC member/sponsor and must pay a cleaning fee and rental fee.


Reservations at be made by members using the calendar program on the club’s website (Contact a board member if you need the password). Or they can be requested by contacting the Vice President via email. Except for unusual circumstances, reservations will not be accepted more than 30 days in advance.

Member Crates

Crate space at the building is limited. As a result, crate space will be distributed on an equitable basis as determined by request and availability. For members who own and train multiple dogs and desire more than one space, your consideration of these limitations is appreciated. More than 2 crates is generally discouraged. Please contact the property chair ( if you have questions about crate space.

Annual Key/Lock Change

The club will change the locks annually or as determined by the board. Members will receive notification that the locks are being changed with a date by which their key may be exchanged for a new one. A key fee will be charged to help cover the cost of changing the locks. The new key will need to be signed for and must be turned in when membership lapses or is terminated. Keys are not to be duplicated. If a member needs a key, he or she may apply to the property chair to obtain a key.

Email List

The club maintains a Yahoo Group email list. When you join the club, your email address is added to the email list and you will automatically receive club email messages. It is deleted from the email list if your membership lapses. The list is not to be used for commercial purposes