Homepage Photo Requirements

Home Page

NDTC members are invited to submit one or two of your best shots of each dog in your family.

We look for sharp focus, nice color and the dog prominently featured. Horizontal format is best and photos should be large (at least 1MB) to allow for artistic cropping to 640 x 300 pixels. We like to see dogs performing or just hangin’ out being themselves. Outdoor shots are best, as we can avoid doggie red-eye. No awards shots, please.

Training Pages

Are you a student, but not a member yet? Students, instructors, members and non-members may submit training or performance photos to illustrate our training class pages. We look for sharp focus, nice color and subject matter that illustrates the class or exercise. Photos may be of purebred or mixed breed dogs.


Who doesn’t love puppy pictures? We will begin to collect puppy pictures for a future photo feature. Send us one of your favs. We’d like to see lots of breeds represented!

Where To Send Photos

You may submit your photos to the Recall Editor or Website manager. Please send us your name, the dog’s name and dog’s breed (or mix).

As always, professional photographs are welcome, but must be accompanied by photographer’s name and permission to use the photo on our website (email from the photographer is fine). A photo credit will be embedded on the image.