Agility Workshops

Building a Better Relationship with Your Dog
This four week summer session is an introductory workshop offering a path to better understand your dog while building a stronger relationship. Basically anyone who feels the relationship with their dog is not quite as good as it could be will benefit from relationship-building games and management tools shared in this session. Our approach will be positive but not one with the dog making you a “treat push over.” The methods and activities are designed to build your bond while setting expectations for the dog and gaining more control and focus from them.
Don’t know if you need to work on the relationship with you dog? Take a simple test answering the following questions: Does your dog have –
• Poor focus and eye contact
• A lack of self-control
• A failure to respond to commands, especially the recall command (maybe comes or not or when they are ready?)
• A lack of desire to play
• Emotional indifference to you or others in the family
• A distaste for being handled
• Regular attempts to run off
If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you and your dog would benefit from relationship strengthening.
This workshop will benefit:
• Performance dogs with whom the handler wants a better “working” relationship with more control & focus
• Dogs who need behavior modification
• Rescue dogs and their adopted owners wanting to build a good bond
• Anyone who feels the relationship with their dog is not quite as good as it could be
We hope you will join us for this introductory workshop of shared information and fun techniques and games to engage our dogs, establish active participation, and work on building a better relationship with them. Building a good relationship with your dog is the stepping stone for all other endeavors such as training, exhibiting, and having an enjoyable companion.
Success with your dog is directly related to the relationship you have with them. What do you have to gain by improving your relationship with your dog? Everything!