CLASS SCHEDULE:     SEPT 5 - OCT 16, 2017    

Classes meet for 6 weeks, 1 day per week. Rates & deadlines are listed on the Class Registration Form and the Class General Information page.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, August 29.

This session is now closed except for
drop-in classes.

View other class sessions here: previous session

Our classes fill very quickly. Registration forms need to be sent well in advance of the deadline. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted; be sure to include all necessary documentation.

When classes are full, a wait list will be initiated in the order received. If you do not get in a class, you will be given first priority for the next session. Please contact the registrar with any questions.

Day Class Time Instructor Session Status
Monday Intermediate Agility 10-11:30AM Lynn James Sep 11-Oct 16 closed
  Advanced Agility 6-7:30PM Diane Overstreet Sep 11-Oct 16 closed
  Conformation 7 - 8PM Karen Pilkay ongoing drop-in
  Intermediate Agility 7:30-9PM Jeanine Collins Sep 11-Oct 16 closed
Tuesday Puppy Kindergarten 6 - 7PM Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Level 1 6 - 7PM Bobbi Burns Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Level 1 7 - 8PM Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Level 2 7 - 8PM Machelle Bailey Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Pet Therapy II 6 - 7PM Katie Fleming Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Pet Therapy I 7 - 8PM Debbie Wilburn Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
  Level 4 8 - 9PM Sep 5-Oct 10 closed
Wednesday Puppy Kindergarten 6 - 7PM Sep 6-Oct 11 closed
  Level 3 6 - 7PM Sep 6-Oct 11 closed
  Competition Heeling 7 - 8PM Bonnie Davis starts Sep 13 drop-in
  Scentwork Beginner 7 - 8PM Jeanette Rausch Sep 6-Oct 11 closed
  Scentwork Advanced 8 - 9PM Jeanette Rausch Sep 6-Oct 11 closed
Thursday Rally Novice-Exc. 9:30AM - 10:30AM Maggie Sanguinetti Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
  Master Rally 6 - 7PM Cheryl Tisdale Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
  Novice Rally 7 - 8PM Lisa Lewis Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
  Intermed/Adv/Exc Rally 7 - 8PM Katie Fleming Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
  Level 2 7 - 8PM Connie Thornton Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
  Beginner Agility 8 - 9PM Anne Popper Sep 7-Oct 12 closed
Sunday Tracking 8AM Bev Stewart starts Oct 15 contact
  Advanced Tracking 8AM John White starts Oct 15 closed
  Intermediate Agility/Motivation 4:30-6:00PM Leah Oakley Sep 10-Oct 15 closed

Weather Policy Change
Unless otherwise advised, NDTC will follow the lead of Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County school closings due to inclement weather. When Metro schools are closed due to weather, NDTC classes will also be cancelled.
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